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Sat, Jan. 1st, 2005, 11:08 pm
New Year

I managed to get that new PS2 after a bit of searching, playing without a left thumb is a challenge but at least it's interesting. I'm already addicted to Kindgom Hearts and am working on Space Channel 5.

I've been really missing 7 South, I love you girls.
I even miss the staff... It was nice being in a controlled environment for once, where you don't have to hide anything because everyone is there for their own reason. Nothing to worry about but yourself.
I have a renewed love of logic puzzles thanks to Alana, and word puzzles in general since I've done so many. Not to mention board games and movies. I'm glad Commodes and Chutes are no longer a part of my everyday life though. I find myself talking about my time there a lot, I think it'll always bring back fond memories even if it was probably the worst of circumstances.
I'm doing pretty well with waking up at 9 and eating at semi-scheduled times. It's nice feeling like myself again. Once in a while the antsyness returns, but for the most part I'm good. Limiting my coffee to the earlier half of the day and getting to sleep on time does my energy levels good.

I still need to figure out what I want to do with all this free time I suddenly have, but I'll fig it out once I have a set schedule w/ my various doctors and after program. Then perhaps I'll look into those art classes.

Fri, Dec. 31st, 2004, 09:01 pm
New Year's Eve

This is probably the best New Year's Eve I've had...

We went to breakfast with Lola, had a great omelette and home fries. After dropping off Lola, we headed to Jones Beach. I'm crazy enough and walked around barefoot and waded a little. I love the beach more than anywhere, it's very theraputic. I'm feeling more like myself than I have in a while. The lowered dosage really makes a difference. I can actually hear myself thinking again, and the antsy-ness is gone.

Went on a shopping spree yesterday and got the cutest boots, and a skirt from Anthropogie that I had admired a month ago on sale for $30 =) Some other things too, killed a lot of time at the mall before my appt w/ Dr. B. That went okay, I think it's one of the few times I left a session without being an emotional wreck. Hopefully that's not just because my meds spaced me out. Guess I'll see Monday.
A little nervous about starting the day program, since I don't really know what to expect. Well, at worst I don't like it and can stand it for a week. Looking forward to my little vacation and just hanging out with peeps.

Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004, 03:04 am

that fic killed me.... I'm a sucker for it, I know.

Up too late, not doing work as usual. Early class tomorrow. joy.
Not looking forward to the 3 papers and presentation due next week. At least it's only 2 finals after that *dies*

...wake me when it's over.

Wed, Nov. 24th, 2004, 01:37 pm

goodbye school, be back on sunday~

Happy Thanksgiving! if I don't see any of you <3

Wed, Nov. 24th, 2004, 03:12 am

I forget how Audrey Tautou is the most adorable thing ever... I'll have to see that new movie she's coming out with.

and what is with Sakura? goddammit, she can't do anything but cry and she's yet to do much to prove me wrong in that she's anything but in the way. At least Shikamaru is making a comeback.
Tayuya would be fun to cosplay *considers*

anyway, I'm a dork, I'm quite aware.

watched this... I guess depressing though that's not quite the word, movie called Thirteen. It's real I guess. and that's depressing. I'm glad I was pretty jaded and things were less crazy when I was that age. I don't think I've ever been so dramatic, nor am likely to be in my lifetime. Not my style I suppose.
It's a harsh world.

Back home tomorrow. joy. I do like thanksgiving for the most part at least, but I know it'll be over way too soon. Then it's just the last stretch to finals *sighs*

fun fun fun.

Sat, Nov. 20th, 2004, 02:31 am

Heading home for the weekend, rather reluctantly. It's just dumb because I have to travel back here for one day of class, then go home again... not to mention the annoyingly long ride.

I stood at the stairway, but took the exit instead. story of my life.
gah... stupid dry skin.

Fri, Nov. 19th, 2004, 01:05 am

success rate: 85%
It was crap, but at least I wasn't the only one with 9 pages (well tech it was 8 pre-font tricks)
Whatever first draft, and the girl didn't even have hers for me to read.

from what I've seen, the presentations scare me o_o

Erin's here! =D
came from Chris's b-day party, too many people and stupid skeeze-balls.

too antsy to think and dammit! I just realized I have class tomorrow & have to meet with my advisor ~_~ I can't wait til this crap is done with.

Thu, Nov. 18th, 2004, 03:51 am
texas hold'em makes me very very happy.

See the master at work...

start time: 3:49am.
screw sleep.

Tue, Nov. 16th, 2004, 12:22 pm

I actually feel worse than yesterday, and walking definitely makes it worse >.< I spent class today taking notes but uncomfortable, handed in my assignment - will discuss it with my advisor on Friday, need to go over my graduation application too. why is the damn thing so complicated?

Stupid presentation due at 6:30 class, but I feel too ill to do anything but sit around. I've lost my appetite but am snacking on crackers so I don't pass out or anything. Can't figure out if carbonation makes it better or worse.
I'm tired but can't sleep or I'll never wake up in time to do stuff for class. Full-time insomnia, some strange anxious feeling woke me up randomly, and by the time I really get to sleep the stupid maintenance guy wakes me up. He'll be back later instead. I really needed that extra 15 min of sleep.
No sleep for me, but I'm awake enough that I can't sleep if I wanted too.
dammit. =\

Mon, Nov. 15th, 2004, 01:16 pm

I have no idea why I'm awake... just couldn't sleep anymore I guess. I had these terrible stomach cramps yesrterday, though I have no idea why. It hurt too much to eat or really do anything but curl up in a ball and not move. I'm still feeling it a little, but more like my stomach muscles hurt...
I think I started running a fever last night too, but I'm feeling better now at least. Except for these damn hiccups >=\

I'm hungry and there's no food really, I may make eggs or something but that might make me sick ~_~ and I really don't want to leave the apt in general but I do have to renew these books since they're way overdue...
*sighs* I should've stayed asleep.

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